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Jubilee Cars Stanmore, hospital
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Jubilee Cars Stanmore, hospital
Jubilee Cars fully complies with PCO regulations

We aim to provide the best possible customer standards, and are proud to comply with the PCO (Public Carriage Office) regulations.

We don’t pay the Congestion Charge, our PCO registration makes us exempt!

Download PCO info
Click for more information on PCO regulations from the Transport for London website.


Areas covered in the Public Carriage Office regulations

Cab drivers’ licences and badges

Cab licences, plates, notices and marks

Plying for hire

Offences relating to conduct of driver and management of cab

Cab ranks



Bilking by hirers

Carriage of extra persons, luggage, etc

Lost property

Conveyance of infected persons

Legal proceedings

Cabs at railway stations

Heathrow Airport London Byelaws

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